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Tom Andries (b. Leuven 1969) is a Belgian multidisciplinary designer and contemporary artist. His main body of work consists of monochromes painted in heavily textured black ink. Tom uncovers the essence and hidden beauty of typography, abstracting basic geometric forms from letters. Trained as a typographer and graphic designer, Tom also founded a thriving branding agency called Today, which he is still passionately running. Together with his partner, the artist Christl Martens, and their vizsla dog Hoedan, he lives and works in the stillness of his self-built modernist home called Oito house, on the edge of a slope in the middle of the woods of central Belgium.

Tom Andries’ artistic practice consists of series of abstracts painted in black ink directly onto the canvas. With a few strokes of a heavy brush, he covers the surface from edge to edge, creating abstract forms derived from typography. Often working in black on white, he purposefully uses curve-linear and angular compositions to add tension. Tom has developed his own ink with a very specific viscosity – a mix of acrylic, Indian ink and charcoal – which gives every painting a surprising depth. Inspired by minimalism, modernist painting and mid-century architecture, his work reflects an ongoing quest for the absolute minimum. Tom’s canvasses convey an extraordinary calmness and a natural spontaneity at the same time.