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”Everything is painting. But Everything still has to be invented”.
Marc Maet 1988

In 2014, the Roberto Polo Gallery in Brussels made quite a splash with The Aftermath. This exhibition showed works by Marc Maet (1955 – 2000) from the last creative period in his life: the ten years preceding his death. The Bogert Gallery in Knokke now considers it a great honour to have been entrusted with the organisation of the first ever exhibition of his works from what was arguably the most important era in the artist’s life: the eighties. As a major, highly respected representative of Neo-Expressionism, whose work has proved successful on the art market as well, Marc Maet is universally recognised as one of that decade’s main forces. The Europe Prize for painting he was awarded with in 1982 brought him recognition and appreciation, both nationally and in all of Europe. Along with his soulmate Philippe Vandenberg (1952-2009), Marc Maet is to be considered one of the leading Belgian actors responsible for the international revival of true blue painting in the eighties.

“Flowers will wither and curators will pass, but art will prevail!”
Prof. Dr. Willem Elias


80 x 60 cm

‘Blauw naakt’

160 x 140 cm

‘Vader en zoon’

130 x 100 cm

‘Vrouw met vaas’

40 x 50 cm