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Johannes Schoonhoven (Amsterdam, 24 December 1975) is a visual/abstract artist.

His reliefs are made of paper-mâché mixed with gypsum and pigment. His work is based on lines, squares, light, shadow and repetition. The pre-pigmented paper-mâché is processed by hand and with painters knives, creating lines.
After a drying process of approximately two/three weeks, the paper-mâché is painted with acrylic paint and pigment, he develops his own colors using various intense pigments.

“Creating these works is a contemplative experience for Johannes Schoonhoven in collaboration with nature.
His works undergo various drying processes in an atmosphere of serenity.
The final result of his works is unpredictable. The drying process has its own physical laws and forces the paper-mâché into unexpected shapes.”

From his early twenties he has been visiting the Franciscan fraternities and contemplative monasteries, where he gets a lot of inspiration.

Johannes Schoonhoven lives and makes his art works in a town called Amstelveen, next to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the grandson of artist Jan Schoonhoven (1914-1994).