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I am raised in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, at the age of 16, I moved to Zwolle. At  early age I was really touched by music and arts. I knew at that moment,  this is what I want. This is my life. At  the age of nine I started with the study of classical guitar. Later on I was studying at the  high school for the arts (ARTEZ) I graduated in when I was 24 years.  From that time on I was starting a living as an artist.,  When I was 30 years I had a profound oneness experience, the falling in you centre , true deep meditation. The Unio Mystica gave me a total different view  .This awakening  had a great impact on me.  I had to make a long journey to integrate this awakening.  Now I am working as a designer, composer, and artist, and sometimes I give Satsang. I had the privilege to design beautiful commissions, such as the  Dutch part of the horticultural  world expo in Shenyang China, where I designed the pavilion, and several sculptures. I had several nomination and design awards.’