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An Selen (1975) is a Belgian artist based in Schilde.

An studied interior architecture (Henri van de Velde) in Antwerp. This direction taught her to understand architecture. It teaches you a way of thinking and creates a strong vision.
What does ‘less is more’ mean? Who is Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Luis Barragán, Tadao Ando etc….

‘This minimalist thinking became part of my creations. I started out creating my first artwork in 1999. For 12 years I worked together with international project developers worldwide. f.i.. Ehrmanns’ Partners, exceptional high real estate projects in Courchevel1850 and Mougins. Paris, the Seyshells, Barbados, Marbella, Milan, the Hamptons (NY), China, Dubai etc.’

I get inspired by old things and nature because there’s a sincere beauty in the character of it, the scrapes, the dents, that’s been built up over time. Rust, a chipped wall, cracks, the beauty of the days gone by, when life was simple. Finding beauty in the aesthetic of imperfect things in existence.

A needed antidote to our consumption-driven world.