From early 1960 to around 1980, my work could be placed within the European New Figuration movement. Personally, I would describe it as evolving from the intention of achieving a style of synthesis, moving between figurative and abstract. In other words, it was work in which contradictory forms or styles create a complete whole within a single work. Given what was possible for me at the time, from that perspective, it succeeded.

Then I had the idea of formulating my approach more radically. From the early 1980s, my work became visually more abstract, what I would call abstract symbolism.This was necessary in order to ultimately expand into the convergence of both of the previous periods, and it thereby responded to my original intention. This means that my work produces images in which the contradiction between figurative and abstract has been eliminated. In other words, I am convinced that in the last 15 years, my work has given form to my original objective, to the idea that I had formulated in the 1960s − to the style of synthesis that I had envisioned.

April 2016

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