Ronald A. Westerhuis

“After a search through the world, seven years of travel. Starting a career in the offshore world. Oilrigs, heavy structures and massive pieces of stainless steel. After going through the first experimental forms, shapes and material, I have found my way. Working with stainless steel, a metal as cold, hard, indestructible as vulnerable and sensitive, a medium full of character inviting to touch.”
Ronald A. Westerhuis (1971) is a Dutch artist and the creator of international land art sculpture projects and numerous monumental steel sculpture pieces for both public spaces and private collections.

The rugged power of Ronald Westerhuis’ sculptures and their size, which makes them almost too large to fit in an average museum hall, shrinks the world to a reflection in stainless steel.
Ronald A. Westerhuis: “I create sculptures as elements of positive energy on its surrounding. Lines, balance, gravity, gravity, finishing and new techniques are explored in my work.”
Based in Zwolle, Netherlands, Ronald has been commissioned to create major land art projects in Norway (2004) and Netherlands (2011) as well as public steel sculpture projects such as 'Pride' created for Shell headquarters in Amsterdam (2009) and RAWSOME! created for Museum de Fundatie and Mojo Concerts, organiser of the LowLands Festival (2011). Ronald’s work is represented internationally by galleries and sculpture gardens in The Netherlands, England, Belgium, America and China. 

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